Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Cyclone By Any Other Name...

Than Bianca would probably have been much worse! The name Bianca is apparently of Italian origin and means white or pure. Not fierce. Not scary. Definitely not strong!
Image from BOM
PK and I were looking forward to a little bit of drama this evening, with the expectation that Cyclone Bianca was to hit the city as a category 1 with heavy rains and strong winds (up to 125kph). It might sound a little morbid to wish for something so destructive as a cyclone, but it is a very rare occurence for the people of Perth!

Instead, we have just had a very hot, sticky day without the resolution we expected. The Bureau of Meterology has removed the cyclone warning for Perth, so now we are just hoping that the ex-cyclone will bring us some much-needed rain. Pretty please?

Meanwhile, we are watching the development of tropical cyclone Anthony, due to hit Queensland tonight, with trepidation. Another disaster is definitely not what that state needs! With that last thought, have you had any odd weather in your corner of the world this weekend?


carla said...

I too live in Perth ;o) Hubby was looking forward to Bianca (he's a photographer and was hoping to get some awesome shots!) the kids were petrified, they had seen the devastation of the Queensland floods on TV. MANY hugs and reassuring looks from "MUM' as I told them "It won't be that bad, probably wont even happen!" and guess what.....I was right!!!! Awesome!!!! To them I must be like the font of all knowledge! Lol! ;o)

c xx

Cathy said...

Haha! Carla, I'm glad it didn't turn out as frightening as they thought it might be!

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