Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great Scott!

I thought I might share some photos of what we got ourselves into a few years back. Nothing too horrible, everything was in working order and very liveable but also very blank, as most rentals tend to be! I took the following photos after our housemate moved out in 2009 (so please excuse the mess!). We had been living in the house since 2007 and were yet to make the decision to buy it together but I was already thinking about what we could do with the place!
View from the front door

The 'living area' (to the left of the entrance)

The kitchen

The study (aka third bedroom)

The laundry

          The second (now spare) bedroom

The master bedroom
Unfortunately, I neglected to take a couple of before pictures: the dining area, located between the living area and the kitchen and the bathroom, located between the master bedroom and laundry. However, these spaces have changed so little in the interim its not a big deal.

At this stage the Parentals had very kindly:
  • Installed a split system air-conditioner (seen in the living area)
  • Installed ceiling fans in bedrooms 1 and 2
  • Removed the existing patio and enlarged the 'alfresco' area with a new pergola
  • Changed out the ugly, broken verticals for aluminium venetians
We hung a few pictures on the walls in an effort to liven the place up, but we've now had those same pictures up for 3 years! So as you can see, not terrible really, just a very blank canvas with little soul or pizazz. I look forward to sharing the (hopefully many and amazing) afters with you down the track. 

Now that you've seen the 'befores', its time for a little breather, while I find some less depressing images to post!

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