Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Not to Keep a Tidy House

or "How to Use Your House For Stress Relief"

Yesterday I shared the annoying half walls that cut up our little house into smaller pieces. Today I'm happy to share that the demolition has begun!

One lazy Friday afternoon PK informed me that a couple of friends were going to come over on Sunday and help us knock down the larger half wall. Just like that! I couldn't believe my ears! After all my suggestions, in the space of a few days it was gone! As usual for our technique, we didn't really plan our approach, just jumped in and did it!
Mate #1 & #2 celebrating the removal of the timber cap piece 
PK & Mate #1 getting some angle grinder action 
Some brute force was required
Notice the lack of protective footwear or clothing- do NOT try that at home!
Leaving us with a glorious pile of rubble!
It may not be immediately obvious how much the removal has already opened up the space, but when we've finished plastering, spackling, priming and painting the exposed brick area, I'll share some pretty 'after' shots.

For now, we're enjoying being able to watch tv from the dining table :)


carla said...

Sheesh!!! What a mess in that last photo.....looks like it is going to be so worth it though. I've got a half wall by my front door like you have GRRRRRR! It really limits how I can arrange my furniture and seems to accumulate all the keys, bags hung over the side etc. Ever since we moved in Ive said "thats gotta go!" but really its going to leave a gap in the flooring, so we have to save up for that first, prob is its one job on a VERY long list. Lol

Can't wait to see your room when its finished, how are you going to deal with the gap in flooring?

c xx

Cathy said...

There certainly was a great deal of mess! We're 'migrating' all of the rubble chunk-by-chunk into the general rubbish bin so it's sloooooowly disappearing.
Still a long way to go until it is all done, but I plan to explain the approach for the floor in a separate post- stay tuned!

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