Monday, January 17, 2011


the real star of the show, the ruler of the roost, the big cheese, or even The Fat Cat (except he's so not fat):

Our 'fur-baby', Oreo. That picture cracks me up every time!!

Actually, I'm surprised he hasn't made an appearance up until now! Anywhere he isn't supposed to go, he's there. Anything he probably shouldn't eat at least gets a sniff. And anyone new gets a playful fighting. But we wouldn't have half as much fun around here if he wasn't around!

PK made this little video of Oreo getting some stalk and attack training :) (warning don't have your volume turned up too high- its not called 'Death Metal Kitty' for nothing!). Bonus: you get a complimentary little tour of a few parts of Muriel!

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carla said...

MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol! Who needs a guard dog when you've got 'cat in a box'!!!!!! Lol! :o)))))

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