Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's All White Babe!

I'm bristling with ideas for new posts to come but right now I'm hiding inside while PK wields an angle grinder on the roof!! I'll post the results of that later... but while I cower from the sparks, here's a conversation you might have heard here recently if you were a fly on the wall:

PK: "Hey babe, what colour are we going to paint this room?"
Me: "Well, I don't know, I figure we'll wait until the new kitchen goes in [I'll share that later too!!] and see what looks good. Why, what colour were you thinking?"
PK: "I was thinking white would be good."
Me: "Ok, maybe, but what kind of white? There are so many different whites!"
PK: "Nah! Just white! White is white!"
Me: "... ahm no it's not." And then I showed him:

Wall of 'whites' with natural light, front door closed

Wall of 'whites' with natural light, front door open
PK: "Oh."
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