Saturday, January 15, 2011

Leaf Me Out Of It

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Yeah, I totally just made a leaf pun. First month into the blogging biz and I'm already breaking out the puns. Bam! Anyway, back onto topic: leaves! I've shown you how we turned a couple of wood pallets into a sweet raised garden bed and then how we are watering the patch using the free water from the sky. This was working really well...until things started to get stinky!

You see, along with the rain, leaves and other bits of nature and sediment were making their way into our rainwater tank. And festering at the bottom. Gar-ross!! Although this wasn't a particulary terrible thing for the vegies- they loved the extra nitrogen hit from the rotting run off (ew!) and of course we wash everything before eating it- and we weren't going to be using the water for drinking, we still didn't like the idea of stinky water.
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So we disconnected the tank, gave it a good wash out and started over, with the help of a Leaf-Eater. This simple little invention gives you all the water you could get from your downpipe, but omits all the gross stuff as well as keeping out mosquitoes- bonus! We were really lucky that we picked the little beauty up for free from my parents, who had an extra left over from when they had their (very large) rainwater tank professionally installed early last year. If you're not similarly blessed with parental hoarders, you could get the system from hardware and plumbing stores.
Eating up the leaves: nom nom nom!
Have you had any fab freebies solve a problem recently?

P.S. FromMuriel received no payment for mentioning this product. It just works for us!

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carla said...

Just gotta wait for some rain now ;o)

We don't have this problem with leaves, we live in Perth's far northern suburbs where there are no trees (wish there were though) our problem is sand in the gutters! Grrrr!

Been sitting in my garden tonight thinking about where to put our veggie patch........must stop procrastinating and just do it! Lol!

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