Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh! You Pretty Things

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I'm back with some pretty pictures! Well, sort of- I've been catching up on my favourite homie blogs and web-mags while thinking about what to post next, so I thought I'd share some with you! 

The blogs (and the list in my reader continues to grow!) are where I go when I get bored of the blankness here at Chez Muriel and I'm looking for inspiration. In fact, I discovered the first site after searching how to DIY a fabric headboard (something I still haven't done) while bored one day and from there the list has expanded! Here are my top five right now:
  • Apartment Therapy - full of helpful how tos, recipes, decoration dilemmas but best of all, HOUSE TOURS! I can't help but look through nearly every new one that pops up to satisfy my stalker tendencies. Kidding, but really I love the insight into other people's lives that these provide and even though the site is based in the US, occasionally an Australian home is featured.
  • My favourite homie blog has to be the very next one I stumbled upon, Young House LoveI'm not sure exactly what keeps me coming back, but I read and re-read every post like it will disappear. John & Sherry -the blog's authors- have such engaging writing styles that no matter the topic, I'm interested. They've recently moved house AND welcomed their first child, so now we get to follow them from the beginning of their home improvement (and baby loving) journey! Also, as they write from their home in Virginia, USA, they are a day behind time-wise, which means BONUS posts on my Saturdays!
  • I always enjoy checking on Anna at Door Sixteen. She has such a strong and inspirational blog voice (is there such a thing?) that even when her taste differs from mine, I'm encouraged to think from another perspective. Plus, she seems pretty experienced at this blog thing so I'll definitely be looking to her posts for help about how to everything!
  • Nicole at Making it Lovely has also recently had her first child and is soon to welcome a second, but in between those two big jobs she also manages to make over her house, make over imaginary rooms and run a web-shop! Also, she is obsessed with pink, which I have not seen done so well as in her house. I think I came to this blog after seeing her living room featured in a magazine and the painting above her sofa (by Emily St.Clair) caught my eye, which then led me to look around her house and then her blog more. And more. And more! 
  • And lastly (but definitely not the least!) I always have a laugh when I read the posts by Katie at Bower Power (formerly All Bower Power). She enjoys toilet humour, LOVES bacon, has a gorgeous baby boy and a pretty good looking hubby too! :P Her posts range from home-improvement to photography skills to sharing the video she showed her 'boyfriend' to tell him that they were expecting- and his reaction!
So there you have a list of the five places I always hit first when wanting some eye candy. Then when I have finished feasting my eyes there, I take a stroll over to any of the other 20 or so blogs in my reader and then sometimes even follow their links to other sites and blogs. I can easily blow a whole day just reading (and drooling!!), which is a fabulous way to spend a Sunday (or a Friday or a Wednesday- I have random days off!). I'm always on the lookout for more though and would especially like to read more Aussie homie blogs, so link me up!
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