Monday, January 31, 2011

Paving the Way

You might remember back in this post I promised to show you what we did with the pavers that we lifted to make way for the vegie patch (below). We knew that we wanted to reuse the pavers from the patch project before pulling them up, so we cleaned the sand and grit off the edges and stacked them neatly in a corner out of the way as we went.
Our little vegie patch starting out
When the "alfresco area" on the other side of the house was upgraded by the Parentals (yippee!), the patio was extended beyond its original dimensions to cover an area of garden bed that had previously been exposed. One hedge that was well established survived this new environment, but everything else slowly died (despite my best attempts), leaving the garden rather sad looking.

So we decided that it would be a good idea to fill in the garden bed with our extra pavers (which just happened to be the same) and gain ourselves a little extra alfresco area! Personally I would not have planned to do this the week of Christmas, but PK thought it was ideal. And as usual, we went in without much of a plan other than just getting 'er done...

Beginning the paving process
You can see the stretch of garden bed we planned to pave over in the above photo, from the downpipe in the foreground to the one in the background. First we pulled up the edging pavers so that we could extend the herringbone pattern and make it look seamless. Then we did a little bit of digging- in the foreground you can see our reticulation connected to the tap there. There was a sprinkler in the middle of the dirt patch which we had to plug so we had to dig down to get at it. We also had to patch up the poly piping because PK was a little too energetic in digging up the hedge that was there- oops!
Getting out the power tools!
Once the digging and patching was done, PK attempted to level the dirt using a hammer and a bit of scrap wood. That was, until I suggested he pop down to the local rental place and pick up a compactor! The little beast made light work of such a small area and saved PK a lot of time so it was definitely worth the hire charge! I had an appointment I had to keep, so regrettably left PK at it while I went out for about an hour and when I returned, look how well he had done!
Nearly done!
PK was happy to whip out his angle grinder and cut up some left over bricks to fill in the last little gaps and before long you couldn't even tell there had ever been a garden there. All that's left now is to remove the down pipe that comes off the patio and connect the patio's gutter to the house, so that the new brickwork won't be flooded by the next downpour. Stay tuned!

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