Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pimp My Vegies!

At the same time as we were making the new pallet garden, PK and I realised that we would need a way to water the plants. The area we've put in the new garden is around the side of the house, where instead of a back garden with a tap and reticulation, we have corrugated-iron fencing and lots and lots of this:
So, miraculously, PK "came up" with the idea of a rain-water tank! I've put quotation marks around the 'came up' just now because actually, the rain-water tank was my idea. PK didn't believe me about that until I pointed it out on the reno list- written in the first year we moved in! Ah well, the main point is that it got done right?
Rain water tank with gravity-feed watering system
We picked up a 110L(Edit: actually 210L!!) tank from our favourite store, Bunnings, as well as a few other things like tubing and drippers to set up our own little self sustaining patch. We placed the tank higher than the patch so that we could gravity-feed the water through the piping and we put a valve into the line so that the water would only drain when we wanted it to. The shelf that the tank is sitting on is made of pallet leftovers and the tank is connected to the down pipe via the over-flow system that came with the tank.

It was relatively simple to set up, though being a man, PK tends to over-engineer things a little, so the shelf is pretty much cyclone proof! PK especially liked cranking out the angle grinder to adapt the down pipe for our new tank- it was his first use!

To connect the dripper-pipe to the tank, we could have used the tap that is provided with the tank, but we thought it would be good to be able to use the tap separately for filling buckets or the watering can. So PK drilled an extra hole in the side of the tank and with some male/female bits of pipe, connected the poly tubing to that. Then all we had to do was wait for rain!
A full tank!!
The system works really well, except when PK does something silly like leave the valve turned on and then go out for the day, leaving it draining the tank ALL DAY! This happened on Christmas day, after he had been showing our little patch off to the family and we came home to find the tank empty. The plants loved it though!
Drippers in action!
P.S. FromMuriel received no payment for mentioning this product. It just works for us!


carla said...

Lol! Love the bit about Mr Muriel 'over engineering' the water tank!!!! ;o))))

Cathy said...

Hehe! Mr Muriel (now called PK in posts by his request) does like to show off his mad carpentry skills!

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