Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

Photo by by Jack Tran, used on the front page of the Daily Telegraph (Sydney), the Herald Sun (Melbourne) and the Advertiser (Adelaide)
I was going to post some more about our DIY vegie patch yesterday, but then I got distracted by a crap-load of water! If you're not aware already, Queensland has recieved a massive amount of rain over the last month and some towns had already suffered some flooding at the end of last year. This week it has become even worse, with the capital Brisbane experiencing flooding due to the Brisbane river breaking its banks. As of 746am (EST) yesterday, the Courier Mail was reporting
  • 40,000 people will be affected by flooding by Thursday
  • 19,700 properties expected to be entirely flooded 
  • 3500 commercial properties face complete flooding 
  • 2300 other properties such as parks and vacant land expected to be affected 
  • 2100 streets will be affected 
At this stage, the death toll is at 10, with five of those being children. There are also 67 people still missing. All of the news programs are running continuous updates, with the rivers still rising and people playing the waiting game to see if their homes and businesses will be going under.  Even once the flood waters subside, the cleanup will take a long time.

You can donate to the relief fund through the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal
Through the Salvation Army

Flood Emergency Information
Disaster Recovery Hotline:    1800 173 349
State Emergency Service:    132 500 

In other news here in WA, a huge fire started on Monday in the town of Lake Clifton (100km south of Perth), which may have been deliberately lit! It's under control now, fortunately, but at the height of the fire- which destroyed 10 houses, livetock and more than 1600 hectares- it was difficult to see Queensland suffering from an excess of water while we suffered from the absence of it.

Now all of our thoughts (and prayers if thats what you're into) are with the people of Queensland.


carla said...

Been watching this unfold on the news, given up on fighting back the tears and have been bawling my eyes out esp over the 13yr old boy who told the rescuers to save his 10 year old brother first even though he couldnt swim and was petrified of water, and then got swept away and drowned before they had a chance to save him :o( RIP brave boy xxx So many heartbreaking stories.

Cathy said...

I know, its so all so sad, I find it hard to process. Thankfully the number of missing is dropping faster than the number of dead is rising and there are stories of strength amongst all the adversity.

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