Monday, January 24, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

I was sent down to Bunbury to work last week and while I was there I was without internet access for the whole week! *Wop wop wop*

So I'm using my 'weekend' to catch up on the mountains of emails and blog posts in my reader. While I was at it, I finally finished drooling my way through the latest issue of Lonny magazine. Although it's a US web-publication and the products are therefore generally not available here, there are so many inspiring images! While I wrangle the inbox, why not enjoy some eye candy?

This advertisement for lighting company Hinkley made me wish the Muriel's ceilings were high enough for a chandelier...
as well as wishing for a floaty dress like that! 
Look at all that colour coordinated storage! 
Every woman's dream walk in wardrobe!
 Although there was much eye candy to be found, I found some pictures a little too... styled.
"A Buddha head on a stack of books is an easy way to create a cool vibe" 
I'm sorry, but I don't understand using artefacts or decorations unless they mean something to you- like if you were Buddhist or had been inspired by a recent happy holiday to some exotic destination in Asia... but to use something just to "create a cool vibe"? Not my thing!

Why not drop in on Lonny and let me know what your favourite bits are? Or maybe you are reading something different that inspires you?

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