Monday, February 14, 2011

Air Kisses Darlink

5/52 Happy Valentine Week :)Image by BurgTender via Flickr
It's Valentine's Day! I'm sure you were already aware of that actually, not sure why I felt it was necessary to announce it -but what the hey! Unfortunately for me, I am on the late shift this week, so PK and I won't be having 'date night' until the weekend. :( But that doesn't mean I can't day dream! I'd obviously like to have the night off from cooking, so dinner at a local restaurant is definitely on the cards! Then maybe the newish Natalie Portman movie? That way we can share popcorn and maybe simultaneously reach for the popcorn...
Hopefully I'll find the time this week to bake these 'Citrus Pinkies' biscuits. I have the recipe from a free calender that came with Australian House & Garden magazine last year but the author has been kind enough to post it online for you to try too! I made them last Valentine's for my work mates and they went down a treat!
Citrus Pinkies
If you do commemorate Valentine's (and are not of the mind that it is just dreamt up by Hallmark), how do you and your significant other mark the day? And don't forget your other significant people- family, friends, your pets... Valentine's is all about celebrating love right? So share a little!

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