Monday, February 7, 2011

Eensy Weensy Spider

You know how the rhyme is supposed to go- but at the end of the rhyme at Muriel, the spider can't climb up our extra 'water spout' any more. Because it's gone!! Here it is as you last saw it:
Paving nearing completion
And after some work by PK with the angle grinder (and by me as supervisor of course), this is what the alfresco area looks like now:
No more downpipe!
You can see Oreo needed to get in the 'after' photo! The downpipe in the before photo was part of the new patio and previously had just drained into the garden bed (which made a pretty big gouge whenever it rained heavily). PK cut up a bit of the removed downpipe and with a little bit of wiggling and adjusting and sealant glue stuff, created a conduit from the patio guttering to the house guttering. That boy is clever!
Ugly but functional!
It's not especially pretty looking, but how often will guests be looking up? And while supervising the process (involving me saying "No, a little to the left" and "Can you move it down a little?") I noticed that the guttering needs some TLC. *sigh* Just another thing for the list! But for now, we are happy with the thought that there isn't a hole in the guttering and we have more space in our outdoor entertaining area. :)

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