Thursday, February 10, 2011

If You Can't Handle the Heat

PaellaImage by olivetti via Flickr
...get rid of the kitchen! (I wish I hadn't found that picture- now I want Paella for dinner!)

I mentioned in passing that there was a big renovation in the works here at Muriel. In actual fact, it has been in the works for a lot longer than this blog! Like many of the other rooms in our house, the kitchen is in working order- its just not an inspirational space in any way! Here it is in all its boring, bland, builder basic glory:
Oooooh so much room for improvement! I happen to do the majority of cooking -and I do enjoy it- but I would definitely enjoy it a lot more if the space was more functional! Over the next few posts you can expect:
  • Exactly what I dislike about the current arrangement
  • What is on our wishlist for the new kitchen
  • How we went about designing our dream kitchen
  • Who we have chosen to make our dream a reality
  • The many choices involved and what went into each final agonising decision
  • And of course, the much loved Before & Afters!
The actual renovation part hasn't begun just yet- PK and I have just made the choices you will soon be party to- but we are very, very excited! I hope you will enjoy all of the posts to come, but if kitchen renos aren't you're thing, don't worry! I've got other ideas up my sleeve with nothing- or at least, very little- to do with kitchens! :)

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