Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Getting Hot in Here

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Whoa Nelly is it ever! If you live in WA or have had the misfortune to be holidaying here this week, you know what I'm talking about! It's hot. And sticky. And I am over it. The clouds have rolled through but not dropped any precious rain, only adding to the humidity. I like hot weather- don't get me wrong- but continuous heat like this makes me cranky. All I want is some rain or at least the sea breeze to come in! And with Perth temperatures forecast to stay above 30°C for the next week and not a spot of rain on the horizon, our water tank is likely to stay well and truly empty :(

Apart from whining to PK about the heat, I've been a pretty busy in the last couple of days, both at work and at home! The kitchen reno is taking a lot of time to plan out, plus we have a few other projects waiting in the wings! Here's a sneak peek of what PK and I picked up yesterday:
That should keep us busy enough over the weekend- I might even find time to photograph the finished product :) I can't wait to share all the textural beauty! Have you anything planned for your weekend or will you be joining me in worshipping the air-con?

PS. Please spare a thought for the people of Christchurch who are this weekend still looking for roughly 200 people still missing, mourning those confirmed dead and attempting to begin the clean up following Tuesday's earthquake.


carla said...

Yup here in WA its HOT HOT HOT!!!! Have a girls night to go to tonight, after a few drinks I am going to try and talk them into a rain dance!!! Im desperate and I will try anything! c xx

Cathy said...

Haha! I hope you are successful!

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