Monday, February 21, 2011

Jump in My Car

What a classic. If you're up for a laugh, watch this version by the Hoff. CRACKER!

We're not going anywhere in my car today though, I'm merely using it as a (bad) segue into a post about our garage cleanup! First, though, a little background info on the holy ground that is our garage. We are blessed with a double car garage here at Muriel. When we first moved in with our house mate, I had to fight for the single car space that was available as the second car space was taken up by gym equipment- even though that was hardly ever used! I won't lie- I put the feminism movement back a few decades and pulled out the old "I'm a girl" argument! I also made the point that I was the only one without remote locking (at the time) and also I work night shifts so needed a secure car park. I won!
Not quite this impressive, but still highly coveted!
Then, when our housemate moved out and it was just me and PK, the gym equipment stayed and I kept my car spot. Happy day! Eventually though, PK saw that it was silly to have a '2 car' garage only being used as a '1 car' garage and wanted to move his car in with mine. It might have had a little to do with him buying a new car and not wanting it sitting out on the verge too! So, then we had a problem. Two cars do not fit into one space. Well, at least, not unless they look like this:
Smartcar from here
So we did a little tidy up, got rid of the gym equipment that wasn't being used and moved what was onto the edges. And that what the extent of the clean-up for quite a while. Until I got annoyed enough at PK leaving his tools everywhere and then not knowing where they were! So I attempted to tidy his junk, using some re-purposed cardboard boxes, some masking tape and my ever faithful Sharpie. Hi-tech, I know!
I also went into PK's toolbox and sorted that out too- he had so much junk in there that wasn't actually tool related! My method of sorting looked a little like John & Sherry's rug o' tools in their guest post for A Brooklyn Limestone In Progress. But probably less bright and cheery than their version, because all of our tools were dirty and I did it on the floor of the garage with the door down.
Twas a dirty job, I can tell you! But one I was hugely proud of because finally whenever I needed a screwdriver, I could find the one I wanted. And if PK asked me "Honey where is such and such random tool?" I could reply that it was in the tool box- as opposed to the bottom drawer in the kitchen, the bathroom, study, bedroom or other such random places! It also meant that the next time we saw our former house-mate, we could offload some of the extra tools that he had left behind, simply because they were all jumbled together! Great success!

Have you had any similarly satisfying quick fixes at your place?

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