Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen U.G.L.Y.

Holy moly! I will be singing that all weekend now! :) As promised, the following are what peeves me about the kitchen that we inherited with the purchase of Muriel. Be prepared though, some images may shock and awe...
Firstly, one of my main annoyances in this kitchen and my initial reason for wanting an upgrade: the pidly little exhaust fan that resides in the NE corner of the main room.See how the exhaust fan is nowhere near the stove????? I can tell you from many a curry night and bacon fry-up mornings that regardless of how long the fan runs, it just doesn't have the oomph to suck at an angle. So then the whole house smells of whatever is being prepared. Which is nice while you're eating it- not so nice a few hours later. And definitely not nice the morning after- especially when it was your housemate cooking blood pudding! Yeuck! We usually end up opening the window and doors to get a cross breeze and clear out the house.
Then there is the stove itself, which I nearly burn my hands on trying to adjust the level of flame because of the position of the *ahem* knobs. Also, nearly all of the burners seem to have only two settings- off and ON! If I want to simmer something, I have to move it to a smaller element, which if I'm using more than one pot means a bit of juggling! Also, it is not level, which means when I'm cooking eggs I have to hold the frying pan at an angle so that the egg stays 'toast sized' and doesn't slide all over the place. Also as you can see in the first picture, the backsplash (splashback? help me out here folks!) isn't very high, so when I forget something is cooking away and it starts to spit, I end up having to wipe down the wall. Not cool, though at least we haven't bothered to paint yet!
Moving along that same wall as the stove, I very much dislike how low the single overhead cupboard is. I am not tall in anyone's book, so really, it is nearly the perfect height for me. But Oreo jumps up on top of it. I'm not kidding- I've not seen him up there in a while but he leaves little dirty paw prints all up the side of that cupboard marking where he's been. A result of how much grossness hides up there I'm sure! And that is grossness that I don't want to have to think about so if we could have higher cupboards- or cupboards that go all the way to the ceiling would definitely make me happy!
As you can see, we are also the aggravated owners of phantom cupboard doors, the ones without door handles on them. They are in both corners of the kitchen- so double the annoyance, but both actually do open! I have tried to make the best of these cupboards by only storing things behind those doors that don't need to be accessed frequently, but with such little storage space it is inevitable that I need to open those doors. And to do that, I have to open their neighbouring door. And then get the thing I want. And then close both doors -the handless one first and then the one with the handle otherwise they won't close properly. *Sigh* It probably would have been easy enough to just attach a door handle to both doors, so I wonder why they weren't originally designed with them? Perhaps so they wouldn't bang into the other doors?
Ok, I know some people like ledges. I myself am a great fan of Heath Ledger's (may he rest in peace)! (Bad pun? Too early? Too late? Moving on...) But I am NOT a fan of this ledge. I know it has a function- to hide the mess of the kitchen when one is entertaining. But when one is entertaining at Muriel, one gets stuck on the kitchen side of the ledge as one puts the finishing touches on the meal, while one's guests stand on the other side of the ledge. So it can feel kind of claustrophobic in there- especially if PK is rummaging around in the fridge with the door open, because that effectively cuts off the kitchen altogether!
This final peeve is PK's main reason for wanting a kitchen reno: dishes. He hates doing them! I'm not the biggest fan either, but as I do the majority of the cooking (and other cleaning) I try to get (make) PK to do them. And he is REALLY over doing the dishes by hand! Also, when we first moved in, having dirty dishes out on the bench exacerbated an ant problem which we have been fighting every summer since! So we agreed we should get a dishwasher. But I argued that we couldn't fit a dishwasher in our current set up without needing to redo the cabinetry- so we should just bite the bullet and do the whole thing right.

So now you have seen the ugly. I hope you aren't scarred for life! I know that there is a lot worse that we could be dealing with but we are determined to make this into something of beauty, form and function. Go team Muriel!


carla said...

Us women are never happy are we? Lol! I too hate my kitchen and we built the house!!!! Thing is this is our very first house and I really didnt give it enough thought, plus we didn't have alot of money to throw at it. The only thing I actually like about it is the cupboard colour (a very dark charcoaly grey blue). There is barely any storage and I too have that awkward cupboard in the corner, next time NO CORNER CUPBOARDS!!!!!! See I hate it but its not old and it kinda works..........just could be better.......GRRRRRRR!!!! So what are you planning reno wise?????

BTW when we moved in we had no handles which was great because the kids were young and it stopped them rooting around in them. To open them I used to (while the kids werent looking) hook my foot under the bottom of the door and pull them open like that, worked for me ;o)

c xx

Cathy said...

Carla, your cupboard colour sounds like what we're currently thinking of! What a clever solution for the handle-less cupboards! Unfortunately, ours open from the corner, so we really do have to open two doors to access one cupboard :(
More kitchen reno plans are to follow this week, it's such a big process I'm breaking the details down so it's not so tiresome to read (and to write!).

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