Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Dreams

How was your weekend? Did you find some relief from the heat (here in Perth)? Or were you engaged in crossing things off your to-do list? On Friday I gave you a little sneak peek at what we at Muriel had planned for our weekend:
Did you have any ideas as to what it might be? If you guessed it was a new bed frame, you deserve a HIGH FIVE! :) Previously in the master bedroom, PK and I (and Oreo!) had been chilling out on an ensemble bed, (that is, one with a mattress and base) that you can see in this pic of old:
While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the base (well, except for one broken caster wheel but that's easily fixed), we were in the market for something with a little more presence. In fact, I had been interested in improving our bedroom situation for quite a while- it's what led me to reading housey blogs in the first place!

PK and I looked at so many bed frame options in so many stores, without agreeing on anything. We were beginning to lose hope of ever finding something that we both liked! Then, one day when we weren't intending to buy anything, we walked into the same store that we had originally bought our bed from and found the perfect one!
This bed from their catalogue is very similar
The beauty of this range is that it is entirely customisable- you choose the finish, the leg type, the headboard type and even additional storage to suit your tastes! They also provide a website where you can switch all of the options around to make sure you have the right choice. We chose the angled headboard (called Mia), with grooves and a square leg base in a Walnut finish. The example above is the curved, plain headboard (called Chloe), also with the square legs. PK and I decided against under-bed storage so that the bed keeps the airy look- and for easy cleaning!
They gave us 4 Allen keys- we used one each :)
Being a modular frame, Mia involved a little do-it-yourself assembly, so with the help of a Phillips head screwdriver and a few Allen keys, we turned this:
Into this:
And here is the 'before' again to save you having to scroll:
Soooooh much better! Our bedroom is far from what I would call 'finished' but the bed frame has definitely enhanced our sleeping experience! We love Mia's simple design, with its subtle groove feature adding interest and the angled headboard providing a great leaning support (ready for breakfast in bed!). The walnut finish we chose also goes well with our existing bedside tables (from a different store) without being too matchy-matchy. It is a little higher off the ground too, so getting out of bed in the morning is that little bit easier (less effort in standing!) and it kind of makes me feel like we are sleeping in a hotel bed (always that little bit fancy)!

Have you added anything in your bedroom recently to create a better night's sleep?

P.S. FromMuriel received no payment for mentioning this product. It just works for us!

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