Thursday, February 3, 2011

Under Construction

Image of Aires the Ram, for Aries (astrology),...Image via Wikipedi Now that I think I've got a little bit better of an idea of what I'm doing I want it to look and feel better.

So please put up with me while I fiddle a little with the settings and pictures and things on the blog. If you think things are looking better or worse let me know!

There should be some posts coming soon on what we did with the downpipe after paving, a garage clean-up and our biggest reno plans TO DATE so hang in there!

Meanwhile, you've probably already heard this but did you know that the astrological signs have changed?? Yesterday I learnt that I have actually always been right when I read the Aries forecast as well as the Taurus one, because now apparently I'm an Aries?? Crazy stuff!


carla said...

Astro signs are changing?!?!?!? WHAT!!!! It's not April 1st is it? I'm 21 June (Gemini Cancer cusp) What am I know?!?!? BIZZARE!!!!

Looking forward to your new look ;o)

Cathy said...

Thanks Carla, your feedback means a lot :)
I was pretty surprised myself, but its no joke! There's a 'new' star sign in the mix "Ophiuchus" which means the dates have changed- but its very controversial! Apparently it depends on which of the 2 zodiac systems is used as to whether there are 12 or 13 star signs... all very confusing!

carla said...

Cool just googled it and discovered I'm Cancer 'the homemaker' so I'm happy about that.........can use this as an excuse to my hubby why I'm so obsessed with home decorating blogs!!! LOL!!! Take care xx

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