Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wishing on a Kitchen Star

Wishing StarImage by the star trader via Flickr
So you've seen the ugly and survived to tell the tale huh? Let's recap the dislikes for those playing along at home (plus a few extras that I neglected to whinge about before):
  • Inadequate fannage (is that a word?) by the exhaust fan
  • Exhaust fan in stupid position (thus contributing to bad fannage)
  • Uneven cooking by the stove top
  • Potential burns from adjusting the burners on said stove
  • Too short splashback/backsplash
  • Low "overhead" cupboard
  • Oreo in the kitchen spreading dirt around 
  • Phantom cupboards
  • Lack of storage
  • Segregation by the ledge
  • PK in the kitchen getting in my way
  • Dirty dishes 
  • Oven not flush with the rest of the cabinetry
  • Dirty grout lines and some cracked ceramic tiles
  • Halogen tube lighting 
Now comes the fun part! The dreaming up of a wish-list! First the necessities:
  • Dishwasher- big enough to fit dishes from a dinner for six (for when we entertain or alternatively, three days worth of dinners if it's just the two of us)
  • Rangehood- no more stinky house! Added benefit of extra lighting too
  • Knock out the ledge- no more separation from the party for me!
  • Increase bench space (by dropping oven to below bench)- definite requirement in such a small space
  • Increase storage with cabinetry above fridge and also over the bench on the eastern (stove) wall
  • More drawers- also to increase functional storage

Now, the 'would be nice to have but negotiable if too expensive' list:
  • Soft closing drawers and doors- Mmmmm no more banging (noise that is!)
  • Undermount sink- we think these look stylish and no more grit sitting underneath the rim
  • Large new tap to allow easier cleaning of pots and other large items 
  • Hidey hole for the microwave (it really is an ugly but necessary invention isn't it?)
  • Glass, full height splashback- super stylish, but too exxy? 
  • Utilise dead space made by the dishwasher (? extra cupboard/shelves)
  • New lighting
  • Unified flooring throughout the great room
I've moved a few things surreptitiously from the 'negotiable' list to the 'necessity' list since we originally thought it up, but a few good deals that have made them a possibility- all of which will be following shortly.

I find making a list always helps me refine my thoughts- and prevents me from forgetting the objective! What about you- have you made any daydream lists lately?

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carla said...

Sounds like a plan, which is further than I've ever got!!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing it.

c xx

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