Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WOW: Cup of Joe

Image from Bunbury Coffee
Not to be confused with the blog, A Cup Of Jo, today's WOW comes to you virtue of my sleep-deprived state of the last fortnight. I do not yet have a full-blown addiction to coffee, but the smell of it being brewed or the raw beans on display at many a fine establishment throughout the city makes my mouth water.
coffee Waves
Image by Omar_MK via Flickr
I have had an on-off love affair with coffee over the years. I was first offered a mugful when I was barely into my adolescence- but turned it down in favour of the sweeter hot chocolate! In my late teens I took a month long holiday in Europe and discovered how wonderful coffee really could be and I have had the unfortunate challenge of trying to match that superiority since!

Through my early twenties I made do with the many, cheap, caffeinated soft drinks on offer and the thought of the perfect cup drifted into the background. Until just recently! Small steps at first- I finally worked out how to use the coffee machine at work, giving me free coffee any time I wanted it. Then I was gifted a 'French Press' at Christmas (I called it a coffee plunger until PK's mum corrected me!) and once again I am drinking smooth, liquid gold in copious quantities. Nothing better for a Sunday morning with the paper... or a Wednesday wakeup!
 Are you a cup-a-day type of person? Or do you prefer tea? What gets you going in the mornings?

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