Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WOW: Small Mercies

Christchurch City (New Zealand) from the Port ...Image via Wikipedia

Today's WOW comes again from nature's wrath. You may have seen the news reports about the earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday afternoon (CHCH time)?

Now, on first look, the devastation that this 6.3-on-the-richter-scale earthquake has wreaked on the city may seem an unusual choice for a WOW feature. After all, there has been loss of life and many iconic buildings that were already damaged by the last earthquake (September last year) have collapsed. Not to mention the fires, liquefaction, loss of electricity and water...
By Laura Campbell on Now Public
But the thing that makes me sit back and think WOW- more than the sheer power of the quake and the shock that it has caused via the media- is that I have family that lives and works in and around the city. And they are all okay. One of my cousins had to jump from a burning building and many of their homes have been damaged but none of my family is injured or worse...

We lost my mum's parents within six months of each other to illness last year, so another loss so soon would have been truly devastating for us. Now all of our thoughts are today with those families that were not so lucky.


carla said...

I have to say I am in awe of all the change in this world in this year alone and we are still in Feb! Natural disasters and political unrest almost everywhere! Its been a crazy year so far, I have never shed so many tears for people I dont even know in such a short space of time. So glad to hear your family are all okay, you must have been beside yourself with worry when you first heard about it until you found out they were all okay! xx

Cathy said...

Thanks Carla, I was really restless while we waited for news but I'm so relieved it was good news in the end. It's so sad that they have to rebuild so many of the iconic buildings- it won't ever again be the Christchurch of my memories :(

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