Friday, March 25, 2011

Buh-bye Concrete!

Not terrible iPhone pic
Guess what went in this week?! 

While I have been a little quiet here on the blog this week (what? I only managed ONE POST??!!), things have still been a changin' here at Muriel!! 

This week our floors have been transformed bit by bit, from a rubble strewn patch of concrete to a thing of true beauty. Once I get the battery charged on PK's DSLR camera I'll (hopefully) be able to take some great photos (so you aren't tortured any more than necessary by iPhone pics) to show you the craftsmanship that has created this latest alteration! But until then, I'd like to know what your preference is for flooring? Do you think all joined areas should be the same or do you like a little variety? Do you prefer tile? Carpet? Floorboards? Stone? Ceramic tile? Vinyl? Cork? There are so many options -and believe me, we looked at them all!! 

So tell me, what's your flavour? (Tell me what's your flava!... Go here if you're not singing it in your head like I am just now!)


carla said...

Lol! You made me laugh and choke on my coffee!!!! Hehe! My "Flava" is chalky stained concrete floor (beachy style) its bullet proof not as cold looking as polished concrete and indestructable to kids and animals. Its easy to clean, as theres no grout and sisal rugs look awesome on it! Not so good in the bedrooms where I prefer chunky old waxed floorboards with knocks and dents in them so if we accidentally scratch them we can just shrug our shoulders and say "oh well it all adds to the character ;)". HOWEVER I have neither of these floors (I have vinyl throughout - even in the bedrooms!) But you gotta have a dream, else how you gonna have a dream come true? Cant wait to see your pics :)

Cathy said...

Hehe! Your flooring dream sounds doable at least and I like the idea of character- especially with kids! Pics will be following soon- promise!

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