Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Cutting Room Floor

We went through a lot of options together before finally settling for the porcelain tile that is now installed- many options were entertained for a few days or even weeks before ending up being cut. PK isn't a real fan of floorboards (I'm still not sure why, I quite like them!) so instead we looked at:
Bamboozle "Bamwood" in Honey
Bamboo- Environmentally sustainable (Green points!) and looked really nice in the pictures but in person, we couldn't find a colour that we liked and it's pretty pricey! Plus, it looked too much like floorboards for PK's liking. :(
Pandomo by Flooring Future
Pandomo- a sort of polished concrete flooring that is laid over the top of existing slab concrete and can be coloured and patterned in any way you want (also eco-friendly). We were pretty excited about this option for a while, but then PK had a chat with one of the few guys that does the install here in Perth (its not a widely used option for residential floors) and the cons started to outweigh the pros. For example, we wouldn't be able to walk on our floors while they were curing for about 3 days!! Not a great option when you are living in the house and need to get from one end to the other! :(
Polished concrete by Sexy Concrete Coating (aka AAA Sexy Floors)
Polished Concrete- we liked the option of getting rid of the previous tiles and just grinding down the concrete slab (again, eco-friendly). It also seemed like a cheaper option that would give us a light, neutral look. However, on one of our many trips to showrooms to find an installer that didn't want to put down the aggregate version (like this) which we didn't like, one honest salesman said he wouldn't suggest it for us. As it is a reno and not a new build, the slab would likely be too thin to grind down to an even surface and it would be irregular in its appearance (even if they could get it level)- because it wasn't laid to be looked at originally! (Maybe if we build the next house, this will be an option and then we'd install underfloor heating too!) :(
Travertine tiles by EcoStone
Travertine- on one of our many trips to Home Base Expo, PK and I walked into one of the display areas (actually where they have a cafe) while looking at flooring (and other things) and stopped dead in our tracks- this was it! It was beautiful and textured in appearance but smooth to the touch. Not too glossy and no nasty grout lines to collect dirt. And it looked natural. And expensive! But we loved it, so we investigated and found a label that said it was travertine. We were intrigued! Somewhere between limestone and marble in hardness, it is a natural product (Green points!) and we liked the varied appearance of it and the large scale of the tiles (610x610). We were in love with (honed and filled) travertine so much we were ignoring a big CON in the pro/cons list: maintenance. PK and I even went so far as to line up a tiler ready to install- all we had to do was purchase the travertine tiles. And then we met the tiles that would trump the travertine:
You didn't think I'd spoil the suspense just like that did you? Stay tuned for my final reveal tomorrow! ;)
In the meantime- do any of those options jump out at you? Have you been so crazy as to fall in love with something even though its a little out of the budget and then do whatever you can to make it happen?

PK has two edits: 
1) That image from Sexy Floors Coating is not actually polished concrete- but it is what we were looking for from polished concrete
2) Being natural doesn't necessarily mean that travertine is 'green' as it is a finite resource- however it is a green option in that it's not made from fossil fuels and would eventually bio-degrade, unlike some options


carla said...

Lol! You are SUCH A TEASE!!!! My (Rich) friend has Travertine all through her enormous living areas, and I have to say it is stunning, but then so is the rest of the house. The tiles where already there when they bought the house and the very day they moved in their eldest boy hadn't even walked through the front door when he dropped his skateboard on the first tile inside the door and took a huge chunk out of it!!!! :-/ Plus she is forever mopping because although the grout lines are very narrow they still stain. So despite the fact that they look gorgeous I think you have made a wise choice not to go with them.......just can't wait to see what you have gone for!!!! c xx

Cathy said...

Oh my that is a horror story! It is a beautiful product, but maybe suited best to those people that can afford the upkeep (in time and money!). Pics to follow!

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