Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kitchen Clueless

Remember when I let you in on the fun of our wish-list? Well, strap yourself in, because now we're on to the real nitty gritty! Once we had the necessities in mind, PK and I started to think about how we wanted them all to work in our new kitchen. Sure, we wanted a new dishwasher but where would we put it? And how would that work with what we already had?
Yep, totally Clueless!
We had already decided to increase bench space by dropping the wall oven to below-bench but I had no idea if we should keep it in its current location or switch it up altogether- there's so much to think about! Keeping in mind the Golden Triangle theory, we decided we should stick with our current layout because it worked well and we weren't sure we wanted to (or could afford to!) be knocking down walls. So the fridge and oven would stay more or less in their current locations, with the addition of the dishwasher underneath the sink area.

So, now that we thought we knew how it should work, we needed to think about what the new kitchen would look like. So, seeking inspiration, I searched for images of kitchens and thought about what we liked and what we didn't like and why. (Apologies for the missing sources- if you know them, let me know in the comments!)
Source not known
>Love the black and white with the grey wall, but not so in love with the off-centre rangehood (although the rangehood itself is pretty good looking), blank window and how super shiny it is. The placement of the microwave seems like an afterthought as well.
From Visibility Lighting
>LOVE those clear (acrylic?) pendant lights, the pops of colour against the white and the use of dark grey cabinet doors as a contrast.
By Nicole Sassaman
>Again, really like the black/white/grey, especially with the stainless steel, but not really liking it with the dark floor- it seems too overpowering. Hmm black coffee maker...
From a home for sale I think?
 >Don't like the shininess, the dark bench top, the dark nook with the pull out exhaust or the masses of beige/cream/taupe...er I like the coffee machine? The cornicing looks good too...

I think going from just these few images you can conclude that we're leaning towards a black/white/grey colour scheme with a matt finish on the cupboards and a light-coloured benchtop. And actually, during the design process, PK actually told the designer in no uncertain terms: "No beige!". We've also decided that we want a canopy type of range-hood (instead of a pull out).  Now the next step- finding who could make our dreams a reality...

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