Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kitchen Lust

From F Yeah Ikea
Ikea. Heaven. These words are interchangeable to me! I know that some people have an intense dislike (or even just a slight distrust) of the Swedish furniture-and-more store, but I am definitely not one of them! The megastore opened in its new WA premises exceptionally close to Muriel a few years ago, which means I can just drop on by whenever I please -although never on a Saturday, I'm not that diehard!.
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Ikea has been my main source of inspiration throughout my daydreaming about a new kitchen- so it was only natural that I would drag PK there when we finally agreed that we would renovate. I loved opening and closing- with attempts at slamming- the drawers with their soft closing functions. And admiring the use of corner carousels to utilise awkward corners. I tried to use the demo-kitchens to determine whether PK and my tastes lay in the same direction (they did) and I downloaded the planning software to figure out the floor plan we could use and work out how much we could be looking at spending.

And then we hit a road block. Ikea had a great price and I really loved their displays, but PK didn't like the finished product. He thought it looked cheap and thought we could do better for the same price. While I don't necessarily agree with his opinion, we both needed to love this new kitchen that we were planning to spend so much time and energy on! So we took recommendations for kitchen companies and cabinet-makers from friends who had already renovated their kitchen and set about getting ourselves a plan that we both loved.

Where do you stand? Love or hate Ikea?

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carla said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Ikea!!!!! :)

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