Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Things Change

Although it feels to me like the way the 'great room' is at the moment is how it has been for, like, ever, I realise that that is not the reality. And I really think that I need a little compare and contrast action to remind us of how far we have come! So in the form of photographs, lets look back at how things have progressed. You'll remember that just a month ago, the kitchen looked like this:
 And the rest of the 'great room' looked a little like this:
And then just three weeks ago, after some demolition action, the scene was a little more... empty:
I have not yet managed to post pictures of what it's been looking like through the install process, so I thought I'd catch you up:
Appliances were delivered
Much sanding and plastering and sanding some more
We had to cover the walls that were exposed by tearing out the corner pantry, patch the hole in ceiling from that removal and also the one left by removing the exhaust fan. We also had to move the gas and water pipes a little to the right on both walls for the new design.
PK decided to brand our walls for future renovators
 And then the cabinets were delivered in their boxes, ready for installation the next day:
Bright and early on the Friday, the installer arrived and started piecing it all together:
The first couple of base cupboards!
The first corner carousel and to the left is the sink cabinet
1.2m drawer cabinet!
The pile got smaller and smaller...
Pantry cupboard is in!
New above-bench cabinets!
The last step in the install (part one) was attaching the doors to all of the cabinets. The installer was not finished at this stage however, because the last cabinet in the corner (where the microwave and kettle will hide away) can only be installed once the kitchen counter is in. And he will be putting in the kickboards once the flooring is in. So in the meantime:
Let there be light!
 We had our electrician come and install our under-cabinet lighting and oven! That is pretty much where we are at the moment. The tiling is going in tomorrow, with the benchtop to arrive soon and more install to follow after that! So close and yet so far- but very different to our before:
Thoughts? Comments? I'd love to hear them!

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carla said...

Oh wow!!!! Look how far youve come and already its looking FANTASTIC!!!!!! Not to mention sooooo much bigger..........I'm really jealous ;o) Loving the cupboard colour, and I cant wait to see the benchtops. Hang in there looking brilliant c xxxxxx

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