Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WOW: Day Trippin'

Over the weekend, PK and I took a short day trip north, along the WA coast to Lancelin. We drove around the small coastal town for a bit and then took PK's car offroad onto the sand at Wedge Point. When we got hot, we simply stepped out for a dip in the pristine water:
Once we were suitably cooled off, we made the journey home again. On the way up there, I had been excited by the many signs of fresh fruit on sale from producers (eg "Fresh Strawberries" and "Grapes $3.99/kg"!) but there was one in particular that I demanded that we stopped off at on the return journey: The Mango Farm! (yes, The Mango Farm, not just any old mango farm!) I wish I had got a picture of their funny signs everywhere, but I did manage to pick up a few delicious examples:
The scent that these little beauties are making is my mouth water as I write this- I'll try to keep from drooling! The farm was amazing, you can wander around the orchard and pick your own mangoes or just pick up a pre-packed bag from the shed. We did a little of both and brought home enough mangoes to share with a few lucky family members -nearly 5kg! Buying direct from the grower is really so much cheaper and although we may have gone a little overboard, it was great to share them around! Who doesn't like mangoes?

The smaller ones don't have as much of a seed and were ready to eat- so you can guess how long they've lasted! The larger ones were still a little too green, so methinks the delectable aroma of mangoes will be wafting From Muriel for some time to come! Anyone have any good mango recipes to share?


carla said...

sounds like you had a great day, I lurve lancelin !!! And I love Mangos, where is this mango farm? Gotta get me some mangos!! ;o)

Cathy said...

Hey Carla! If you drive north on Wanneroo Road, you'll start to see the signs for the fruit growers a little after Joondalup Drive. The Mango Farm was the only one we saw selling mangoes. Sorry I don't remember the street it was on exactly, but just follow the signs and your nose!

carla said...

HeHe!! Thanks Cathy ;o)

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