Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WOW: Getting Things Done

Things are still full on here at Muriel, so I don't have a pretty picture as inspiration for you this week. Instead, I thought I'd share the main thing that gets me through most weeks: list making!
Shopping list side 2Image by vidalia_11 via Flickr
I'm a pretty organised person generally, but I only tend to be that way thanks to the multitude of lists that run around in my head, on random pieces of paper and even on this little blog (here, here, here, here and here)! The making of a list is usually the thing that helps me remember what I need to do- I often forget to take my shopping list with me to the shops, but find when I get home that I got everything... well, all the important things anyway :)
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I find the most satisfying part of list making is crossing off items on the list. That feeling of accomplishment- even if its just one thing on the long list of things to do or bills to pay or phone calls to make etc, really makes my day! So in the interest of keeping up my spirits after such a long stretch of reno work, here is the short list of things to do that I wrote yesterday, with what I managed to get finished crossed off (with a self satisfied smirk!):
  • finishing the plastering (joint effort by PK and I)
  • removing the skirting boards in the hallway
  • removing the remaining tiles from the kitchen window ledge
  • picking up plasterboard for the gap in the ceiling where the pantry once stood (we plastered over it instead)
  • about three loads of washing (I did two, just bedlinen left to do and it can wait)
  • dishes
  • watering the thirsty vegie garden
  • general cleaning to get rid of the dust that has settled on everything -I cleaned the windows, the blinds and the airconditioning unit of all of the dust from the last few days, only for PK to whip out the angle grinder last night and add a new layer of dust :( But at least the windows are clean and pretty!
In addition:  
  • clean up skip area of rubble (skip bin is being collected today) 
  • remove all the nails still stuck in the walls from skirting boards 
  • take quotes for flooring 
So, as you can see, I was pretty busy yesterday! And on International Women's Day too! What about you? Are you a list-maker?

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