Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Howdy! I don't usually post more than once a day- basically I'm just a little bit lazy and have many other distractions on my days off to keep me busy (plus full time work outside of my random days off)- but I kinda missed out on posting yesterday. I meant to, but then suddenly the day was over and I hadn't... oops!

So, to make up for it, I thought maybe you might like a short behind-the-scenes look at the demolition? You've seen some pictures, but to really appreciate the dirt and dust and... fun... of it all, you either had to have been there- OR watch this little clip that PK put together a while back. It's pretty amazing (and highly amusing) to see how far we've come in a month!

Playing a starring role: PK, moi (blink and you'll miss me!), PK's brother and a couple of good friends (whom we are forever indebted to!), the angle grinder, the sledgehammer and the jack hammer. And please forgive the abrupt ending- it's apparently PK's editing style at the moment. Bless.

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