Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chalk It Up

We were talking about painting the other day (it is a never-ending subject at the moment!) when PK piped up: "Hey why don't we do a chalkboard wall?!"
Mr Squiggle puppetsImage by Hil via Flickr
{For those lucky enough to grow up in Australia, remember Mr Squiggle !?}

This isn't a terrible idea, I thought- we could use it to write notes to each other, shopping lists, reno lists, lists of lists... only to find he thought it would be great along the main wall of the 'great room'. That's about 9m of chalkboard- which is about 8m too much for me!!

I'm not dismissing the idea totally though- I think it would make great use of one of our smaller walls (like the wall next to the hallway entry). But just to be sure PK and I are on the same page when we next tackle this idea, I thought I'd do a little round up of images of different chalkboard paint results, a la My Sweet Savannah.
Recipe wall via Rickypedia
Calendar wall by Ideal Home UK
Wallpaper effect by Anastasia of Faiella Design
via Design*Sponge
Art Wall from ohdeedoh
Whole wall from The Style Files
Back of the door from The Style Files
I think if we did go for it, the wall I have in mind would most resemble the last image as it is quite narrow. I also like the idea of making or thrifting a frame for it, to make it a feature and provide a little ledge for chalk/pens.

What do you think? Is it worth a go? Or is it a fad that has totally passed its use-by date?

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