Friday, April 29, 2011

Everything In Its Place- part 1

Now that the kitchen is finally on its way to being complete, I am taking great pleasure in finding places for all the items that I had in the kitchen before! Because there are so many little nooks and niches, I'll spread the organised goodness over a couple of posts so it doesn't get too full on here!
Eww ugly!
In the old kitchen, we had one small set of drawers, with the regular cutlery in the first drawer, the second drawer was used for cooking utensils, the third for cling wrap, aluminium foil and baking paper and the fourth drawer- well that was the junk drawer! There was never enough room for our cutlery set and the utensil drawer was always super messy.  The first space I took over was the top drawer in the BIG drawer cabinet that you first saw like this:
I was very excited about this set of drawers from the initial design, because I envisioned not having to open more than one drawer to access the cutlery and utensils. I've not actually filled them in that way though- because I hadn't realised how much we had been packing into the old drawers! But I am pretty pleased with the layout in the top drawer as it currently is:
All of the different pieces of our cutlery set now has it's own little cubby, with the butter knives, dessert forks and soup spoons being stored separate to the dinner knives and forks and regular spoons. (Please note that we do have more cutlery than this, but the rest was in the dishwasher when I took these pics!)
Previously we had the 'big' knives, forks and spoons stored the right way up in the cutlery drawer, with the 'little' knives and forks stored upside down in the same compartment. It was pretty cramped and didn't make it easy to pick out what you wanted!
Now it is the picture of organised domestic bliss! It may not stay exactly like this forever- we can easily switch the layout around as we please- but for now, we are happy to have everything easily at hand :)

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