Monday, April 4, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Xanadu Winery Gate by calzean
Xanadu Winery Gate, a photo by calzean on Flickr.
How was your weekend? Did it start on a happy note after my April Fool's prank on Friday? ;)

PK and I spent the weekend down south, attending a close friend's wedding (as a bridesmaid!) and I have woken up every morning since with this beautiful tune by the Beatles in my head. It's the song that the we walked down the aisle to- such a lovely choice by the couple and a lovely day from the (very early) start to the (quite late) finish!
We were guests of Xanadu winery in Margaret River for the ceremony and reception. It was an amazing setting and the food was divine- as was the wine! I can't stop thinking about the wedding and all of the little details that made it such a great experience!

PK and I arrived home on Sunday afternoon and spent the remainder of the day pottering around in the kitchen, tweaking a few things. So while we get a few things ready for the ol' DSLR, I'd like to hear your wedding and party stories- good and bad. Have you had a memorable party experience recently?


carla said...

Oh I am sooooooooooooo jealous!!!! I LOVE Margret River, its my favourite place in the whole world!! Although admittedly I haven't ever been to Paris ;o)

I spent my weekend nursing my sick 11 year old with sad eyes :o( Off to the doctors today poor little sausage!

The kitchen is looking great, great choice of tiles.

c xx

PS Your April Fool joke didn't fool me for a second (no really.......not one second!! Lol!) ;o) x

Cathy said...

:( Sad eyes! There is definitely something doing the rounds at the moment, hope the doc made it all better!

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