Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Noticed

...that I have only managed a grand total of NINE posts this month- that's pretty dismal! And the annoying thing is,  I have wanted to post WAY more often than that, but have not had the time. And I don't even have a better reason than that- no high flying job, no fantastic holiday that took me away from the computer for the month, no little person to look after (unless you count Oreo!). Just the finishing touches on the kitchen and my ever changing and ever draining shift work. Enough apologies though, lets get onto what you really came here for- updates From Muriel!

So, there was a loooooong weekend recently... what did you get up to? It was a little busy here at Muriel!
For Good Friday we had PK's family and mine here for dinner in the nearly finished great room. There were seventeen people in our little house! It was a lot to cater for after not having a kitchen for months but, with a little help, we managed it! We had two fresh, local, whole fish -a pink snapper and a trevally- cooked on the BBQ and a selection of side dishes that the guests brought to help out. It was a fantastic evening and a great opportunity to show off all of the renovation achievements so far to our nearest and dearest. I shouldn't forget to mention that it was also my birthday! I made a carrot cake in my new oven for dessert and was very excited that it turned out perfectly :)
Birthday presents!
Easter Saturday  PK and I spent more or less apart- I caught up with a good friend for brunch and then PK went off to spend the afternoon and most of the night attending one of his sailing buddies' buck's night! I used the rest of my day to clean up after the night before and just relax a little (and eat some chocolate!).
Nom nom nom!
On Easter Sunday there was no morning church, family catch up or egg hunt for me- I was back to work! PK tried to get a little bit of prep done while I was at work so we could get onto some painting- yep, even after the last attempt, we are still eager to give it a go! He mainly spent the day attending to the ceiling patch that we had done in a rush before the install of the cabinets and creating another layer of fine white dust in the process! When I got home from work that night I was pretty tired already but sucked it up and painted the area behind the fridge...
Thanks Mr Easter Bunny!
Monday was ANZAC Day, but instead of attending a dawn service and paying my respects to those brave men and women who have served (and are currently serving) this country, I was again... at work. And then after work? More painting.
Oreo likes the ladder- and fighting with PK!
Tuesday? Well Tuesday was of course ANZAC Day holiday and while I was busier than the previous couple of days at work, I was excited because it meant that soon I would have my own time off soon! After arriving home, PK and I painted a little more and then spent a little time relaxing- enough time to check back in on my little blog! PK is back to work today and I am on days off- so guess what I'm up to?!! That's right- more painting! It never seems like a big job before you start and then once you begin, the reality starts to sink in!
Our attempt at this famous Michaelangelo image
-yes that is Oreo on top of the fridge!
And in the few rare spare moments over the weekend, I had a new toy for my birthday to keep PK and myself entertained- an iPad 2! PK was very excited about this gift- I'm still trying to decide if it was really for me or not! But it is a lot of fun (currently addicted to building a Smurf village!) and I'm very impressed by his thoughtfulness :) So that was my loooooong weekend- how was yours?

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