Friday, April 1, 2011

On the Dance Floor

After all that build up, I've decided not to share any new pics of the floors today...


We were doing the rounds of travertine suppliers (there are a few in Perth, not like the Pandomo) when one salesman showed us the alternative: porcelain tiles that look like travertine. BONUS! We could have the look of the travertine (the natural appearance and narrow grout lines) but without having to worry about the upkeep- the expensive sealer that we would have had to apply every couple of years, the added time of moving all the furniture around every time and waiting for it to dry, the stress every time someone spilled something, the refilling of holes whenever the calcium-based stone gave way under stilettos or stool legs... None of that!
Our hero!
Our new porcelain floor is scratch resistant, non-porous and much better suited to our high traffic area. Oh, how glad we are that we ventured into this stone supplier- it was the last on our list to visit too! And now, without further a-do (and because I've run out of stalling tactics!) here it is in the new (incomplete) kitchen:
Check out Oreo- so over this! (pre grout)
They mapped out the tiles before they started and twigged it so there wouldn't be a silly layout in the hallway. I was really happy when I came home from work and saw this:
Hallway- pre grout
Very professional! Now, where there was once dingy carpet, the hall is perfectly laid out and ready for the high traffic usage it receives! And no more awkward transition area between the main room, the hall and the laundry:
Perfect segue!
The tilers also cut the edges really close to all of the trim, I was amazed how perfect they got it! (Ignore the grotty trim and lack of skirting boards -still on the to-do list!)
Like a glove! (pre grout)
Here is a close up of the tiles- they are all pretty much the same, but with slight variation in each set (not all have a layer of plaster? grout? adhesive? dust though!):
And here's what they look like on a bigger scale once grouted and sealed:
Mmm prettyness
And another of the full room:
Yep, that's Oreo again, just chillin'
See how the 'grain' matches up on each tile to run through the room? Its pretty subtle in person and will be even less so once there is furniture (and the floor has actually been cleaned- but that will wait). It's like vein cut travertine, rather than the cross-cut that we were originally looking at, but we are still really impressed!
And finally, just for the hell of it and because I enjoyed the way the light came through the blinds and played on the new floor:
Happy dance!
I must say we are so happy the floor is finally done! It took three days of tiling last week, then a hiatus over the weekend and then another day this week for the grout and another for the grout (and tiles in one) to be sealed. But boy, was the wait worth it! Being able to move some furniture back into the room- like the couch and the TV (we are totally TV starved!), and the fridge back into the kitchen has made a HUGE difference to our days! Our demolition site is becoming a (beautiful) home once more!

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