Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skirting the Issues

Beautiful flooring?
Nearly-finished kitchen?
Gaping hole between new flooring and walls? Erm...
That's right folks, we're up to that most riveting stage of flooring- skirting boards (or base boards or moulding, depending on where you're from). Oooooh! Aaaahhh! ... 

I must be honest here, PK has done pretty much everything when it comes to the skirting boards. He went to our favourite hardware store alone to choose the profile out of the many on offer- do you know how many choices there are??!! After some lengthy phone discussion (not so alone after all) we finally decided on the primed pine in 'half splayed'. It was a little more pricey than the basic MDF of the same profile shape but the finish was more smooth and would make for less work in the long run. Then PK measured all of the walls to calculate how much we needed (a lot!) and has done all of the cutting and priming thus far. My Hero!! Here is where we are at right now:
Yep, a whole heap of primed timber. (We're only doing the main renovated areas for now- the rest of the house will probably be tackled at a later date.) Now all PK -er- we have to do is attach it to the walls and paint it and the doors and the trim all the same colour (that would be white- no more cream ick)... not to mention the walls... *sigh*

Is skirting something you've ever had to think about before? I didn't realise how many options there were until we got to this stage! What do you have at your place? Lambs tongue? Half Splayed? Bullnose? Colonial?

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