Monday, April 11, 2011

Slowly Breaking Through

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I'm back in the land of the living again- just! I spent the last week and then the weekend as well, at work, telling myself that I wasn't sick so I could get through my shifts- and then going home and having a nap every day! I don't do sick very well- PK was as helpful as possible but I'm very glad to be on the mend :) How was your weekend?

Today I had a 'me' day:
  • I went to the dentist- nothing bad to report hurrah!
  • and to the gym- I missed my weekly workout while I was sick!
  • did some banking- a much needed refund cheque!
  • got my hair cut- the first time in six months, I had been growing it for the wedding ;)
  • finished the day with grocery shopping- yay food!
Getting the shopping done was an interesting experience- because I haven't been able to buy real food in so long that my usual shop had been completely re-arranged! Now that the kitchen is well on its way to being finished, we finally have a few clean places to put things again. And that has really made the difference to enjoying the progress of the kitchen transformation- I'm still figuring out where things should go, but we're having fun in the process!

This week I hope to be sharing some progress photos and details about all that extra storage space- plus some a new purchase that has taken a while to arrive- lots to look forward to! While I'm getting all of that sorted, is there anything you're really craving seeing from the new kitchen?

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