Friday, April 15, 2011

Sneak Peek

So, you're wondering about the new purchase that's taken a while to arrive, huh? Well, good things come to those who wait you know!
But until we have got the skirting boards in and *ahem* they are painted, the piece won't really make a lot of sense in a photograph. Because currently, all of the furniture is either still in the spare room or all standing around the edge of the room but just a little bit away from the walls like wallflowers at a school disco (remember those?) waiting to be asked to dance. So, you may have to wait for a BIG PICTURE for a little longer ;)

We first ordered this item way back in January (actually on the same day as this addition)- while in the middle of the design process for the kitchen! While PK and I like the idea of saving up and lay-away purchasing, we had to act quickly to buy this piece before the style went out of production. So it was a little bitter-sweet in that we were signing up for something that we really wanted, sort of needed, but didn't really know what to do with in the months of demolition and renovation to come.

Luckily the shipment was delayed and then delayed again by the manufacturer, while we got on with the dirty stuff. Then, once we actually had flooring (and not just concrete rubble), we were able to take delivery from the supplier- three months after purchase!! With just a little planning and a little bit of luck, we had our new purchase. Now onto those skirting boards...

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