Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend High & Low

Hullo there, how was your weekend? Were you surprised by some warm weather like we were? PK and I tried to make the most of our weekend by getting the skirting boards done- and it was a bigger job than we anticipated! 
It took PK more or less all weekend- unfortunately I had to work so I was only available for a little portion of either day to help him. But he got there finally on Sunday night and I think he did a fantastic job!
It probably would have been a quicker job if we owned a nail gun... but we don't. So PK was crouched over all weekend gluing and nailing the boards to the walls and then punching the nail heads below the skirting board surface. We'll fill in all those little holes before applying the final coat of gloss white paint over the top.
And while we had the fridge out to do the little bit of skirting behind it, we thought we'd give a bit of painting a go. As PK put it- it should be easier and quicker to pull it out once, paint everything, let it dry and then push the fridge back into position, right?
Behind the fridge- pre painting
We decided to take the plunge and purchase a 1L tin of Dulux's Horizon Sky (Quarter Strength) because we both agreed it looked like what we were aiming for out of all of the paint chips we had spread around the kitchen. But we didn't want to go all out and buy all of the paint we wanted (we'll be painting the whole great room the same colour) just in case it wasn't exactly what we wanted. Good thing that we didn't because it turned out way too purple! We didn't even think it looked purple on the paint chip- more of a light blue-grey. However, we should have been tipped off when at the paint counter before mixing, the assistant asked if it was a purpley blue -Denial is not just a river in Egypt! It's a difficult colour to capture on camera (at least with my middling photography skills) but here is the area behind the fridge after painting:
As I was painting it I was loving the colour, though thinking it was a little dark. But I thought that might just be because of the shadow from the fridge (and I was using low-VOC paint so can't really blame fumes for momentary craziness). But then PK suggested we do a patch near the couches, to see how it went with them and it soon became apparent that Horizon Sky was not the colour for us! (Again, difficult to show, but its definitely purple!)
We'll be painting all the trim a crisp white eventually, but that would just make the colour seem more purple... so it's back to the drawing board! :( So overall, a win in getting the skirting boards done (hooray!) but a loss in painting (boo!). How do you pick your paint colours? Do you just 'wing it' like we did or are you more scientific and go through numerous trials first?

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