Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WOW: Time to Collect

For a little while now, I've been doing these WOW posts about things that inspire me and motivate me to get through the week- a little midweek pick-me-up if you will. But today, I have a confession. I am a collector.

*Shhhh* Now, don't please don't start thinking that this means we can't still be friends- I'm not a collector of anything weird or wacky. I don't have a secret room filled with random things that I've been hoarding for a lifetime like this:
From CBC News
*I think* that my collection is a little mundane actually- and functional! I'm talking about my ever growing collection of fridge magnets. Yep, magnets. Why you ask? Basically, I don't tend to buy much while on holidays (I like sitting back and enjoying the experience more the the stuff), so I buy them as souvenirs and every one I own has a special memory attached to it. Plus, they don't add much to my luggage! I don't have a specific type of magnet that I always buy, sometimes I prefer tacky, sometimes beautiful, sometimes cutesy- but always meaningful! (I do have a few freebies of course, the usual promotional type magnets but those are usually limited and relegated to the side of the fridge, not for display.)

So, as part of the WOW series, I thought every now and then, I might show you one of my magnets and explain its significance to me. M'Kay? Good :) First up, something a little fishy:
You may recognise the motif- at one time it was a promotional design used by Hamilton Island. I chose it for the colours, the simple design and the material used (ceramic), when PK and I went there for a week's holiday back in 2006 (wow- that's AGES ago!!).

It was actually the first real holiday that we had taken together as a couple and it was kind of a 'testing the waters' kind of thing. After all, if we could handle a whole week alone together without bickering the whole time or being bored by each other by the end of it, then we could handle a lot of things right? We chose the Whitsundays as PK had wanted to go somewhere a little warmer than Perth (we went midyear) but I didn't want to follow the pack to Bali. And Hamilton Island offered a lot of entertainment for a little price- it was perfect.
It was a fantastic week: we snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef, looking for Nemo (we didn't find him but we did see lots of other creatures!). We kayaked in the bays of the island and PK cut his feet open trying to climb a rock formation. We watched a storm wash in from our balcony and swallow the island in clouds and rain. We sailed to Whitehaven Beach for a picnic and to enjoy the pure white sand. We used the firing range and the mini-golf ranges and enjoyed fantastic food in pretty well every restaurant they had. We did some bushwalking and hiked in the hills on Hamilton Island and when we got tired of walking, we hired a golf buggy and followed happy hour from bar to bar around the island! Definitely a week I'd love to relive!

And all of that and more reminds me of how great that week was and that is what I think about when I look at that little magnet. Definitely special!

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