Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everything In Its Place- part 2

As I showed you in a previous post, we are gradually migrating kitchen things from the spare room to new homes in the new kitchen. Today I'm sharing the story of the microwave migration. In the previous kitchen, the microwave stuck out like a sore thumb:
Kind of ugly right? Well, I thought so, anyway! So when we were designing the kitchen, I wanted to have it hidden away but still accessible (it is a necessary accessory after all!). Some suggested putting it below the bench, which just didn't work functionally for me when I gave it a trial-run at the displays and would have meant losing drawer space- no dice! Another designer had the microwave hidden in a narrow pantry, but we worried about food spoilage and having to purchase a new, narrower microwave to fit.
The microwave was under the 'return' in this design
Then, when our final designer came up with a little 'hutch' type of cupboard, we knew it was a winner! We were pretty excited about this cupboard, but we had to be patient in seeing it implemented: it sat on top of the bench top so it couldn't be installed until after the stone was in.
Waiting for the bench-top!
So we waited and waited until finally, the day arrived when the installer could come back and put in the last cupboard (as well as the kickboards). I was very excited by the end of that working day to see what it looked like, all complete. From the outside it looked exactly how it was supposed to:
Sleek and sexy storage! However, once that door with the handle in the middle was opened (by sliding across to the left like a concertina), the mistake was immediately apparent- it wasn't what we wanted AT ALL! Inside, the cupboard was a complete box, ie the stone that we had paid so much for was entirely concealed! It was also very shallow, with a narrow shelf running through the middle of it. How we were supposed to have stored a microwave in there I don't know, as it was deep and high enough to have only stored canned items! PK called KitchenHaus early the next morning (as it was too late that day to get in contact with them) and explained that it wasn't what was in the original design and that they needed to fix it ASAP!

*sad face*

They came back straight away and removed the offending piece to start over, but as they didn't actually have a replacement on hand (as everything that they supply is machined and shipped from Germany), they had to make something from the existing cupboard, plus additional pieces that they had spare. However, before too long (and before the splashback was installed), a custom-built cupboard was installed that worked as we had imagined! The hutch is now full bench depth, making the most of our space and all of the lovely benchtop. Our electrician came back once it was finished to install a power point in there too. Now we can have our microwave hidden away when it's not in use but is fully accessible when we need it- plus there is room in there for other things too!
We've since moved the toaster out of the 'appliance garage' (as PK's mum calls it) as we were a little worried about too much heat building up in there. Today it looks a little like more like this (with the under-cabinet lights on!):
Don't worry- we don't use the kettle in the hutch (again due to the thoughts of heat build up).  We don't use it very often anyway and can easily move it out when we do, so that's where it lives at the moment. I'm dreaming of a 'retro' whistling stovetop kettle (maybe like this one?) for Christmas (listening PK?)! And here's one last pic to demonstrate how the door 'concertinas':
As you pull on the handle, the door slides to the left along the track at the top of the cupboard and folds in on itself. We've applied a little clear rubber 'bump' on the splashback where it rests, just in case it opens too quickly and slams into the glass- can't be too careful! It really is a beautiful thing :)

I'm thinking I might create a little box shelf or something over the top of the microwave to store spices or similar on... But for now it is so great having this little space fully functional and as we imagined! Now to store the rest of our stuff...

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