Monday, May 2, 2011

Keep On Rolling Baby

You know what time it is... Please don't send me hate mail for that Limp Bizkit reference. It just popped out and I couldn't stop it!
Tools of torture!
PK and I breathed a sigh of relief this weekend after having just finished* the painting on Muriel's biggest room- aka the 'Great Room'. Yep, even after the supreme failure of our first attempt, we powered ahead and over the space of the last week, we managed to slap some paint on every wall, the trim and the skirting as well. Phew! It was quite a big task but we did a little bit every day (around our work schedules) and finished* just in time- on Friday night we had a 'kitchen warming' for the friends that had helped us along the way, as well as everyone else that could make it!
You can see our new couch (on the left) in this picture, but maybe not in its final place- we're still testing things out! We pushed all of the furniture out to the walls so that guests could take everything in when they walked in the front door (and it also left a lot of space for socialising). The bench seating actually belongs to the outside setting, but it fit right in and gave everyone a seat without being too crowded.
We had the LED lights under the cabinets and the rangehood turned on for maximum impact- it makes the splashback sort of glow don't you think? This is the view from the kitchen- I really enjoyed not being cut off from the action by the bench like I used to be!
We're both REALLY happy with the final wall colour, though it did take PK a little while to decide that we made the right choice! After the disaster with "Horizon Sky" I went into the paint centre and asked them what they recommended in the colour range we wanted- a very light sort of greyish blue/ bluish grey. I told the guy at the counter all of the details about where we were going to use the colour and the other colours already in the room- the charcoal lower cabinets, white uppers, whitish benchtop with the flecks of grey and mirror and our dark blue "Manhattan Storm" coloured couches. Then he got out a big BIG book of colours, pointed out where I should be looking (in the blues, not the purples!) and let me flip through it for as long as I wanted... I was there a while!
I took home a couple of samples and we painted them on the wall... and then we decided that we didn't actually like any of them! Well, sort of- we liked the one called "Hazy Daze" but thought it was a little too dark for us (even at the quarter strength), so we decided to customise it and go one step lighter. And wa-lah! Hazy Daze in 1/8th strength was a winner! During the day, it's a refreshing light blue without being too cold (like an icy blue could be in such a large open room) and then come nightfall, the grey tones become more apparent and the colour appears warmer, as in the pictures above. We still have a few small things to finish with the renovation, but having the walls painted really brings it all together!

How was your weekend? Did you get any big jobs finished* like us? Did you watch the big wedding on Friday night or were you just recovering from a chocolate hangover?

*When I say finished, I kind of lie! There is still another coat of gloss to go on the majority of the skirting boards and the garage door is only painted on one side (and still needs another coat on the side that is started)- and we haven't even started on the front door yet! But there is enough done to see real progress, so PK and I decided to give ourselves a rest for a little while to regroup and recover from our marathon week of painting!

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