Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Meditation

I was cleaning out the drawers in the study last week and found that it was well overdue! They kind of became the junk drawer during the kitchen reno, so there was lots of stuff in there that didn't belong. During my rummaging, I discovered a list of meditations that I had printed a while ago (from this page), with the intention of using them to help myself focus on the good things.

I never actually got around to framing them or using them in a meaningful way, though. So, I thought I might start to share them with you every now and then, as a way of enlightening your week and mine! The first cab off the rank is this one:

"I will think before I act, but I will always act" 

The suggestion with these meditations is that you find a quiet place and sit silently, repeating the meditation as a mantra in your mind. You might find it easier to do this before bedtime or when you rise, but they should provide a moment to clear your mind and really focus on what is important.

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