Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Arrivals

Have I shown you the breakfast bar yet? No? Well, you'll remember the much maligned kitchen ledge:
We replaced that with a wide bench covering the long drawer cabinet -including an overhang that we could use as a 'breakfast bar', during our recent renovations:
Only problem? We didn't own any seating that was tall enough to use at this new breakfast bar- until now that is! While we were at work yesterday, the post man had paid Muriel a visit and when I got home for the day, (after a quick trip to the post office to pick it up) I was looking at one very un-exciting box:
Oreo thought it was pretty interesting though!
Unlike Oreo though, I knew what was inside and that was exciting! I wasn't prepared for the complete lack of instruction when I opened the box though...
But I am a lover of puzzles, so I got to work piecing them together
And before long, there they were!
They are just the right style for us- slimline enough to fit under the bench (without detracting from the rest of the kitchen) but also shaped to provide comfort.
In fact, the breakfast bar is already my new favourite blogging spot! Have you discovered a favourite seat at your place recently? Or perhaps you've made a recent internet purchase that has brightened you day? Tell me all about it!

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