Monday, May 30, 2011

Trying New (Old) Things

As I hinted earlier today, PK and I tried something new this weekend. Well, sort of new- kind of old. You see, as a young couple, we have a lot of new things. And Muriel is starting to look too... modern? Not that looking modern is a bad thing, in fact, if that is what you are going for that's a great thing! It's just that now that the big kitchen reno is more or less finished, I feel that the great room has become a little too minimalist in appearance and I want to change that. Plus, as a former rental, Muriel could definitely handle some more storage! The kitchen has plenty, which is great for all of the 'kitcheny' things, but what about things that don't belong in the kitchen? There's a lot of stuff that used to find a home in the cavernous corner pantry (even though they had nothing to do with the kitchen)- can you spot a few?
Cat's carrier, spare folding chairs, tablecloth...
So PK and I are now on the lookout for some "lived in", "rustic" looking pieces of furniture to bring our room together. The problem with wanting something lived in is that it takes a little bit of effort to find. You can't just pop out to Ikea and pick up a "new-old" sideboard perfect for the living room now can you? (What a pity as I do love Ikea!) With that in mind then- and the thought of this week's meditation mantra- we took a trip to a couple of second hand stores to see what we could find!

I was a little surprised as I've never actually been into a Salvos, Vinnies or Good Sammy's. It's not that I didn't want to go or thought that I was 'too good' for these stores. In fact, I once compiled a list of all of the second-hand stores nearby, with the thought that I could visit one every weekend... I dreamed that I would stumble across some magical and perfect piece of furniture or clothing like some of the interior designers from the blogs I read (see the sidebar) seem to do... It just never happened!
Maybe something like this by RetroModern?
I feel quite happy to have taken that first step into a new territory, even though we didn't actually find anything perfect for us that day. Now that I have done it once, just like the windsurfing from the weekend before, I think I will definitely do it again- and who knows, I might pick up a bargain that makes the room!

Have you tried something new recently? Perhaps there is something that you've always wanted to do but have never plucked up the courage? I'd love to hear about it!

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