Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WOW: Twisted Produce

Remember when I told you that the vegie patch was going a little wild? Well, I finally grabbed a few moments to clear it out the other day and harvested the last of the carrots. They were quite interesting!
Before you get too excited for us, maybe I should show you what the harvest looks like in context...
On the left is a "real" carrot from the grocery store, next to our baby sized efforts. Oh well, the illusion was fun while it lasted! They still tasted great though and I used them with some full size carrots, potatoes and beetroots in the first roast made in the new kitchen this week (yum!):
You can tell I'm not a food blogger huh? I give myself a C- for presentation but an A+ for taste! I'd never roasted beetroot before, let alone roasted anything in the new oven, so I followed an easy recipe I found online (just google "roast beetroot" and you'll find plenty of instructions). During preparation, I was particularly intrigued by one particular carrot that I had pulled up:
Then I realised that actually, it was two carrots that had grown around each other! Pretty cool huh? I bet if I had thinned them out while they were growing, they wouldn't have been so interesting (but probably bigger). Here they are, separated at last.
Twisty! Isn't it amazing how growing something yourself always makes it taste that much better- even if it doesn't look like it is 'supposed' to?

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