Monday, May 9, 2011

Ya Mum

Yesterday families around the world celebrated the wonder that is motherhood- I hope you at least called your mummy! Mother's Day is always a little busy for our family: my dad's birthday is May 10th and frequently Mother's Day falls on the same day, so it's usually a dual celebration. I love this picture of me (the chubby baby with the Michelin Man arm fat!) with my parents- they both look so young and happy! I only grabbed a mere 18 months of solitary time with them before my brother came along, soon to be followed by my sister. And I've had to share them ever since, so any one-on-one time I can grab is precious!
She is such a courageous woman- this was on a wine tour in Margaret River last year -just me and mum! That thing in her hand, about to go into her mouth, is a witchety grub!! Ewwwwww. She inspires me all the time, I just hope I can be as good a mum when the time comes.

Unfortunately for my lovely mum, I no longer live at home (as I live here at Muriel!), so there was no breakfast in bed from me this year. However I was lucky enough to grab a few hours with her after I had finished work for the day, which I'm sure she appreciated ;)

I love you mum and admire all the work that you have put into making me the woman I have become over the years. You're just like a fine wine, mother- you get better and better with age!

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