Thursday, June 2, 2011

Entry Plans

There is a long weekend in WA this weekend (hooray for Foundation Day!) and I have a list of things that I plan to attempt to get done- but I am not kidding myself in thinking that they will all be completed. After all, a long weekend is a chance to just relax as well right? I'll run through the list in its entirety in a separate post, just to stretch things out a little ;) But also because I want to brainstorm one particular item a little more thoroughly. Many of the tasks on the list involve paint and I want to convince PK that another place that requires a little paint TLC is the front door. We recently changed the door handle from a brassy, loose fitting fixture to a more modern silver, but the door colour...
PK is in disagreement about this one- boo! The current cream colour matches the external colour scheme that Muriel was sporting when we bought it and he doesn't think we need to change that. I think we will have to take a pressure washer to that come spring (there is a lot of peeling going on out there!) and repaint anyway but for now, I'm sure we can at least paint the front door! As we are also changing over all of the internal doors, trim and skirting boards from cream/off white dinginess to crisp white, I think that the door being cream on one side and white on the other might look a little weird. So that's my reasoning. Also, I want it to look prettier- but lets keep that to ourselves shall we? ;)
So many options! By Modern Home
The colour and style of your front door is really personal preference, but I feel that it should have some reflection of what the internal decor is like. So I really want ours to mix well after all the effort we've put into the big reno. We are definitely not in the market to replace it entirely right now- and I'm not sure of what style we would replace it with if we were! I'm partial to an inlaid glass feature but the front door to Muriel faces west and gets blasted by afternoon sun which can get quite 'glare-y' so that wouldn't be an option here. Maybe in the next house?
By Shuffle Style
That is quite a grand entrance! Muriel's is no where near as wide (and again there's the glass yum!) but I love the dramatic colour. Not sure how well this would go with the red brick outside though. I would definitely make sure we use a glossy finish as I have the inkling that there is some sort of requirement for reflectiveness on a front door? Also it cleans easier :)
By Creative Concepts
That's a fun pop of colour... I'm not sure it would go down too well with PK though. I'm not sold myself- especially since the main colour scheme we have going on right now is blue and grey tones. Also, the site I pulled that image from was using it as an example of what not to paint your front door when it comes to time to sell up. Hmmm...
By Home Curb Appeal
This is a little more like it! The brick of this picture is similar to the red brick of Muriel so that's a good starting point. Plus, it would definitely lend itself to the blues inside and the existing cream gutters and fencing outside. According to the site this pic features on, blue represents water and abundance and has a calming effect on those who enter. Actually there are a lot of good things said about this colour there (follow this link for more)! Muriel doesn't have any grand trim like the white painted edging above, but I think maybe this is the winner! Now just to convince PK...

What colour is your front door? Does a particular colour push your buttons or turn you right off walking inside open houses? I'd love to know!

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