Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened

... on my way to pick up milk on the way home from work the other night. I decided it would be smart to fill up on petrol as I was getting a little low. Also I was going to be on call again soon and there's nothing worse than running low on petrol when you are driving around in the middle of the night!
From Discovery Education
So I pulled in at the petrol station on my way home, thinking I would fill up and then pick up some milk (because PK has been using it all on his porridge lately so we had run out midweek). I thought I was being clever, well prepared, applying a little foresight...

I had left my wallet at home.

I didn't realise this until I had filled up the tank and went to grab my wallet from my bag. I had been to the gym that morning and left it -and my phone as well- in my gym bag. At home. Which was not helpful because that was not where I was! Grrrrr! I had to fill out a form with all of my details- address, phone numbers, license number (which I actually got wrong anyway) and sign it to confirm I would return to pay for the petrol. Oh the embarrassment!! And to make matters worse, the girl behind the counter was entering my details into the computer and suddenly exclaimed, "Oh!". Suddenly I was more stressed out than I already had been, "You live on the same street as me!" she said. Oh the shame. "Well howdy neighbour, how embarrassing to be meeting like this!". I wanted the ground to open up beneath me!

I quickly drove home, picked up my wallet and drove back again to pay. I didn't end up getting the milk in the end- I was too embarrassed to venture out again that night!
From Thoughts of a KleeWyk
Have you experienced something similar recently? Please, comfort me and my blushing cheeks!

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