Monday, June 27, 2011

Good News

I have some news. It's more or less the reason I've been a little... quiet... lately. But I'm not ready to spill it just yet! Family know, but the rest of the world wide web- not just yet!

It's definitely good news though and should... no, will definitely mean good things for my blogging frequency!

Just sit tight dear readers! :)


carla said...

Hmmmmm does this mean theres another room that is gonna need decorating? ;o) Glad you're back :o)

carla x

Cathy said...

Haha! My mum did think that at first as well, but unfortunately I have to disappoint- this time :)

carla said...

Lol! Tease!!! Still glad you are back on planet blog though. Can't wait to see what the big secret is :o)

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